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art: CAtlanits Adventures next part

Hi All,

here is the next part of John's and Rodney's adventure.

Have fun :-)

wait a minute, what’s that in the bush?.

Uh oh!.


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Today I've posted the first pics of my new CAtlantis Adventures. :-)

It took a while to get the first few scenes together and I'm still working on the end but so far it looks pretty good.

A big thanky you to my art adviser Nicole. <hugs & cookies for you> :-)

first scene Rodney.

first scene John.  

okay, here is part 2

and the adventure beginns.

Rodney’s still not happy.

hm, maybe it’s not so bad at all.
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Hi all,

a few days ago I've read a great Gibbs/DiNozzo story by Lady Ra and made her a pic.
Here it is. :-)

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Title: Rodney's Atlantis

Rodney in full geek-mode.  :-)

  go to picture
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As a big Harry Dresden fan I really think Harry would fit nice in. :-)

Harry's mother was an Ancient wandering on Earth. She was never permitted to have a child with a human and hid it as long as she could. When the other  Ancients found out she was punished and had to leave husband and son forever.
Harry always had problems around Earth tech but thanks to his ATA gene anything ancient tech just rolls over and begs for his attention and he's going to Atlantis.

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Title: high-tech hero
Author/Artist: binel63
Fandoms: SGA/Ironman
Rating: pg
Synopsis: Tony Stark gets a chance to test his high-tech armour against a formidable enemy.
John is impressed, Rodney jealous. ;-)
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it's still awfully empty here ;-)



Jan. 5th, 2009 02:35 pm
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Hi, I'm new in here and still have some difficulties with the setting.